Ben Lipkin


Co-owner and CEO

BA, business administration, Arizona State University

As the CEO, Ben oversees Carpe Diem/Northstar Hemp’s marketing, branding, sales, and education efforts and manages client relationships. Before founding Carpe Diem CBD, Ben spent five successful years as a corporate sports sales executive in Minneapolis and Los Angeles. In 2018, his wife met with two very difficult wellness challenges, so they returned home to Minneapolis. After considerable research, Ben discovered cannabidiol (CBD), and it was such a game changer for his wife’s health that he decided to devote his career to helping others through the remarkable benefits of CBD oil.

Favorite Carpe Diem products
“I use Carpe Diem’s 1500 mg Full Spectrum Revive Muscle Cream and the 1000 mg Full Spectrum Relief Roll-on Gel for muscle recovery from playing sports and lifting weights. I  also use the 2500 mg full spectrum tincture daily for overall wellness and recovery while sleeping.”