Neil Hultgren


Co-owner and COO

BS, kinesiology, exercise science, Arizona State University
MS, specializing in exercise physiology clinical research, University of Minnesota
Certified Yoga Instructor

As COO, Neil oversees Carpe Diem’s full seed-to-shelf process, from plant cultivation and harvesting to product development and testing. Despite being born with club feet, Neil enjoys a lifestyle on the move: he’s a yoga instructor, farmer, entrepreneur and new father. His feet and ankles can be challenging, but his desire to live actively without dependency on pain relievers led him to the healing power of CBD. Utilizing his science education and clinical research background, Neil, with partner Ben Lipkin, developed Carpe Diem CBD to offer the highest quality products that allow others to seize their best days. Neil is most proud that Carpe Diem CBD has helped so many people achieve better wellness, as it has for him and his family. 

Favorite Carpe Diem products
“I use Carpe Diem at nighttime. I use the Revive 1500 mg Full Spectrum Muscle Cream on on my feet, ankles and calves to alleviate any throbbing or soreness from being on my feet all day. The pain just drifts away, and I sleep a lot better. In the morning, I don’t feel stiff. I feel loose, mobile and ready to start my day!”