Focus CBD Oil 1500 mg Full Spectrum

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1500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil
37 mg/mL CBD (per serving), 1 FL OZ Bottle.


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1500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil
37 mg/mL CBD (per serving), 1 FL OZ Bottle.

Description: Promotes mental clarity to handle any task throughout the day by staying focused.

Flavor Choices: Natural, Mint, or Lemon Blueberry

Additional information

Weight 2.9 oz
Dimensions 1.25 × 1.25 × 4 in

Lemon Blueberry, Mint, Natural Hemp

Product Info & Directions for Use

Suggested Use: Place 1 dropper full or 1ml under the tongue and allow to sit for 30 seconds before swallowing. May use one to two times daily and shake before use.

Storage: Place in a cool dry place out of sunlight.

Ingredients: Organic MCT Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Contains Coconut, Natural Plant Terpenes.

Made in Minnesota

Organic Farming Practices, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO Hemp Oil

Third-Party Testing ID: NSH1500-0001

*All full spectrum products have a natural hemp taste and smell.

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4 reviews for Focus CBD Oil 1500 mg Full Spectrum

  1. Cathy F

    One of my patients explained that he struggles with Rheumatoid Arthritis, cancer and heart disease. He also struggles with back pain and sleeping. I used the 1500mg muscle cream on him 2 weeks ago and really slathered it on in an effort to help with his back pain… He asked me today to order 4 jars for him because for 5 nights in a row after his massage he slept like a baby!

  2. Carrie C

    As a healthcare practitioner, I have been looking for a high quality brand of CBD to offer my patients. Although there is no shortage of products on the market, I found that many sacrificed quality and efficacy for price, or worse, offered high retail options for products with low grade components harvesting little therapeutic effect.

    Until Carpe Diem. This local, family owned, patient focused company checks all the boxes I have been looking for. The product is pure, organic and wildly successful. We have been able to implement it in our practice and offer it to our clientele with absolute certainty that they are getting the best product at the most reasonable price.

    The product stands on its own. However, the customer service and attention to detail by owners and staff is the reason we continue to come back for more. Every interaction with this company has been high level. Their response time and quality assurance far exceeds most companies I have been working with for the last 20 years.

    We are thankful we found Carpe Diem. It has been a welcomed addition to our product shelf and will continue to spread the wealth of its benefits to anyone who will take the time to listen.

  3. Dr. Derrick

    “We have found great success in our clinic with the use of Carpe Diem CBD Products. The high quality and pureness of their products assist our patients with the management of their pain and discomfort from a more natural approach.
    We have enjoyed utilizing the products for our own personal well-being and have found them to be effective and therapeutic. There is also an appreciation that the product is grown and harvested locally with only organic practices and is hand-harvested.”

  4. B Mutabi

    1500 Full Spectrum Oil Tincture & 1000mg Roll On CBD Muscle Gel
    “Balance Full Spectrum CBD Oil – I usually incorporate OM mushrooms for balance in my breakfast daily. I stopped taking them when I started Carpe Diem. I felt a slight difference in that I felt a little less stressed by day 4. I was taking the oil once a day in the morning which is why I realized that it typically wore off after about half of a work day. When I stopped taking the CBD oil, I noticed a difference by that afternoon. I wasn’t taking the mushrooms either at this point so I noticed a drastic difference then. I don’t like the taste of CBD oil at so my response here is pretty biased. I don’t like the taste but it is way more tolerable than other CBD oils and edibles. I couldn’t get the dropper to fill more than like a quarter way so I just doubled it. Didn’t bother me at all. Overall I would say the oil works to balance and on a scale of 1-5 on taste I would rate it a 4/5.
    Relief Full Spectrum Muscle Gel – I don’t know what to say here aside from Thank you and don’t stop making this. The wear and tear on my body from soccer, working in front of a computer, running and aging is significant. The only other rub that I have been able to find that really works on deep muscle and joints is the CBD Clinic’s Level 4 Pain Relief Ointment. It’s medical grade so already your product had a leg up because of the natural ingredients. I have very sensitive skin so if I have to use an oil outside of peppermint, tea tree, pure caprylic acid, MCT or pure squalene I’m fairly skeptical. This gel was perfectly fine on my skin. In terms of the feeling – I am used to pain relief products that feel like an ointment or salve. Your product was a warm welcome because it’s a gel so it penetrated the skin quicker, didn’t leave a residue on my skin, didn’t leave residue on my shirts etc and it wasn’t drying. I wouldn’t classify the smell as “pleasant” but personally, I’m not looking for a pleasant smell when I have pain. Your product also smells more like peppermint as opposed to menthol which is great as well. I haven’t used my CBD ointment since I left it in San Diego so once this came I was excited to try it. As soon as I rubbed it on, I started feeling immediate relief right away so I didn’t use more. What I realized after the 3rd night was that it worked but not for that long. After thinking about it I decided to try it again but use more gel. Because I have sensitive skin, I was naturally using a little amount because it was a new product for my skin. Also, since it provides immediate relief, i was probably using less than I should be so I switched from pea size to quarter size. The 4th night was like heaven. I slept through the night and woke up with no aches. I started using it during the day as well until I can get the daytime one. Of course the first night that I stopped using it, every trigger point known to mankind returned with a vengeance. So I only went 2 nights with no gel and then started using it again. This gel is awesome.”

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